We're a small but mighty team that specializes
in software and compliance training
for professional industries across the US.
Training Needs Analysis
We help you dig through the data to uncover obstacles and opportunities that influence training effectiveness.
Our process includes:
  • Meeting with stakeholders and subject matter experts to identify project goals, constraints, and timelines
  • Interviewing expert performers and future learners to identify performance baselines and potential blockers
  • Delivering a detailed discovery report that outlines training opportunities, known issues (training-related or otherwise),
    and recommended next steps
Software Training
We develop training that boosts users' confidence and skills so they can become more effective at their jobs.
Our process includes:

  • Interviewing current and future software users to understand how the software integrates
    into their daily workflow
  • Creating tutorial videos, job aids, webinars, and other tools that help users learn within and beyond
    the flow of work
  • Building learning communities and software simulations that allow learners to apply new skills
    in authentic settings
Compliance Training
To us, it's not about checking a box; it's about creating training that supports your organization's long-term viability.
Our process includes:

  • Reviewing applicable laws
    and regulations, conferring
    with experts when needed
  • Researching case studies
    to uncover real-life implications
    of compliance
  • Using scenario-based learning to make compliance relevant
    and real to learners
We have prior knowledge of compliance requirements in banking and cannabis
Slide Design
We combine our design smarts with a keen attention to detail to create training materials that impress.
Our process includes:

  • Storyboarding your presentation
    to ensure your message flows
  • Creating meaningful graphics
    that reinforce key concepts and
    keep your audience engaged
  • Using research-based multimedia learning theory to reduce cognitive load
Proven history of results
We've helped clients in a wide range of industries reach their training goals.
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