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Socially Distanced Meeting and Training Room

An easily constructed meeting room that allows each participant to have their own enclosed seating area to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Project Type:Product Concepts
Project Completed:Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Project Description

As the pandemic raged and it was becoming apparent people were continuing to meet in person, the need for a self-contained conference room was indicated. This model is a perfectly scaled design of such a room.

Though the renderings here depict a 6-seat model, the design is purposely modular with the ability to accommodate any number of seats.

Each compartment, or seat, is separated from its adjoining compartments by clear polycarbonate panels framed in rubberized trim with air-tight seals throughout.

Communication is electronic. Each compartment is equipped with a high-fidelity bi-directional speaker and microphone combination with local noise cancelling features that allow the entire group to chat in real time without any chance of feedback problems or audio cutout. Although none of the attendees hear the actual voices of any of the others, the sound quality is expected to be an improvement over typical conference call devices.

Heating, air conditioning, and filtering are supported by small built-in units in every compartment. Each attendee has full temperature control during a meeting. The air treatment unit is also deactivated automatically when the compartment is not occupied.

The only disadvantage of this totally non-contact environment is that the attendees can not pass physical objects of any kind.

Not shown here are adjustable dividers between the compartment doors forming separated narrow walkways to each of the compartments from different inlet areas more than at least six feet apart.

Tasks Performed

Materials research and sourcing; measurements and physical specifications; 3D CAD design; bill of materials production.

Perspective Views

This design was casually offered to one or two agencies that continued to meet in public during the midst of the pandemic.

No further action was taken.