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Building custom navigation in Storyline 360

A scene created in Articulate Storyline 360 that demonstrates how to build custom navigation through a branching scenario.

Project Type:eLearning
Project Completed:Friday, April 2, 2021
Project Links: Walkthrough video: YouTube
Interact with the project in Review 360
Project Description

This demo uses the example of employee training to show how variables and triggers can be used to create advanced navigation through a branching scenario.

The navigation is programmed so that learners will view the scenario introduction when making their intial choice, but they will bypass it on further attempts.

This customization gives learners a more streamlined experience as they apply their knowledge of high reliability organizing.

Bridget Manley recorded a how-to video to demonstrate how the scene was built. A link to the video is available in the links section.

Work Examples
Walkthrough video: YouTube
Watch a video detailing custom navigation with branching.
View Example
Interact with the project in Review 360
View Example
Tasks Performed

Storyboarding the branching scenario; writing the voiceover script; building the slides in Storyline 360; sourcing photos; programming variables and triggers for navigation; building a lightboxed slide for a review of the key practices applied in the interaction.


This demonstration helped Bridget Manley refine her abilites in Storyline 360.

Bridget also posted a link to the video on LinkedIn, where it generated 162 views and 1 comment.