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How to Use eLearning to Support Your Business

A one-hour webinar that describes how eLearning can support business objectives - specifically, employee retention and upskilling, revenue generation, and lead generation.

Project Type:Webinar
Client:Wyoming SBDC
Project Completed:Thursday, April 8, 2021
Project Links: Webinar recording (Requires free registration)
Project Description

This webinar, offered as part of the SBDC's CARES Act program, was the first of a three-part series on eLearning for businesses.

After providing a brief definition of eLearning and some of the common methods used to deploy it, the presentation provided specific examples of how virtual learning can support key organizational objectives.

It also suggested five probing questions business owners should ask themselves before embarking on an eLearning program.

These questions were designed to help participants maximize the effectiveness of their eLearning programs.

Questions asked throughout the presentation assessed attendee's prior knowledge and invited them to apply the concepts to their own experience.

Tasks Performed

Researched current statistics to support the use of eLearning in a business setting; consolidated broad topic of eLearning to a concise definition with supporting examples; designed the slide deck in PowerPoint; drafted engagement questions; created handouts; presented the webinar via GoToWebinar.


The webinar, which attracted 20 registrants, was met with a range of thoughtful follow-up questions from the audience.

Many of the attendees who came to this session also registered for the other two webinars in this series.