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Software Training - Metrc

A comprehensive four-part presentation and student guide that provides step-by-step instructions for using state-mandated compliance software.

Project Type:eLearning
Client:CAN Performance Group
Project Completed:Wednesday, January 1, 2020
Project Description

In 2019, Bridget Manley helped develop a second version of this software training course for Cannabis Industry Institute.

In addition to an overview that introduced learners to the basic organization and navigational features of the software, the training also included sections specific to cultivations, processing facilities and retail shops.

Each of these three sections included step-by-step instructions for performing essential functions in the software.

After finishing the PowerPoint presentation, Bridget created a student guide that synthesized the four sections into a single easy-to-use guide that learners could use during the training and, later, as a reference in their operations. The guide includes activities that allow learners to apply their knowledge using real-life scenarios.

This curriculum has since been adapted for use in online webinars and in-person training.

Work Examples
Student Guide
Learners to apply their knowledge using real-life scenarios.
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Tasks Performed

Designed curriculum outline using source material from Metrc user guide; Wrote on-screen text and presenter notes; Worked with subject matter experts to include tips and tricks used by experienced Metrc users; Provided material and technical assistance to presenter before, during and after online webinar; Designed a post-test aligned with learning objectives.


Bridget and her team offered this training to multiple clients during online webinars, and each client said it was a valuable resource.

We also provided a live version of the training in September 2019 as part of the Infused Products Conference in Los Angeles.

Post-training surveys showed that a majority of learners found the class informative, applicable and engaging.