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Sales Training - The Clear

An interactive module created in Adobe Captivate that introduces sales staff to a new line of CBD-infused products.

Project Type:eLearning
Client:The Clear
Project Completed:Wednesday, January 1, 2020
Project Description

In 2020, Bridget Manley designed a one-module online course to train sales partners on a new line of CBD-infused products.

She wrote the storyboard and developed the course using Captivate 2019.

At the end of the module, learners applied their knowledge by answering a customer's questions about the products and choosing which product would be right for them.

Bridget created click-to-reveal, multiple choice and matching interactions to assess learners' knowledge of the product specifications that were most applicable to customers' needs and concerns.

Tasks Performed

Storyboarded the lesson; developed the lesson in Captivate 2019; designed knowledge checks; sourced visual assets.


Due to organizational changes, Bridget was not able to see this project through to implementation. However, her direct supervisor was impressed by how quickly she learned basic functions in Captivate while completing this project.