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Bank Compliance Training

A demo course built in Articulate Rise 360 that challenges learners to apply the key tenants of federal Fair Lending Laws.

Project Type:eLearning
Project Completed:Friday, April 10, 2020
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Project Description

This demo shows how Articulate Rise 360 can be used to create bank compliance training using scenario-based learning and interactive comprehension checks.

Bridget Manley built the course using publicly available information about federal Fair Lending Laws that banks must follow when issuing loans to customers.

The course is designed to help bank employees apply their knowledge of Fair Lending Laws in authentic situations.

Activities include: Flash cards that define key terminology in the law; a matching exercise where learners discover what behaviors qualify as discrimination; an interactive "Ask a Specialist" activity in which learners can discover the answers to frequently asked questions; and a scenario in which learners must apply the law when considering a customer for a loan.

Work Examples
Take this quick course to see demo bank compliance training.
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Tasks Performed

Researching Fair Lending Law requirements; researching data on housing discrimination for the course introduction; designing branching interactions for the Ask a Specialist and Your Turn activities; developing interactions; selecting visual assets from the Rise 360 library.


This activity allowed Bridget to become more familiar with the capabilities and user interface of Rise 360. It also was a valuable experience in converting federal law into easy-to-understand and engaging compliance training.