Ascendant Design
and Training, LLC


DIY Course Creation for Businesses

A one-hour webinar that introduces businessowners to the mindsets and tools for creating a simple eLearning course with a limited budget.

Project Type:Webinar
Client:Wyoming SBDC
Project Completed:Thursday, April 15, 2021
Project Links: Webinar recording (Requires free registration)
Project Description

This webinar, the second in a three-part series about eLearning for businesses, was designed for businessowners who wanted to create their own eLearning program but didn’t have the resources to fund a fully interactive course.

The session first introduced two core principles of effective course design and processes used to embody them.

The rest of the webinar introduced free or low-cost tools learners could use to create a video-based lesson.

Tasks Performed

Researched best practices for applying the Backward Design approach and the ADDIE model; researched free, open-source and low-cost tools for analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation; designed the slide deck in PowerPoint; drafted engagement questions; created handouts; presented the webinar via GoToWebinar.


Nearly 30 people registered for the webinar, which was offered as part of the SBDC's CARES Act program. Participants asked practical and insightful follow-up questions at the end of the presentation, indicating that it was relevant and engaging.