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Building a Learning Community

A one-hour webinar for businessowners that provides practical suggestions for how to create and maintain a virtual learning community.

Project Type:Webinar
Client:Wyoming SBDC
Project Completed:Thursday, April 22, 2021
Project Links: Webinar recording (Requires free registration)
Project Description

This webinar, the third installment in a three-part series created for the Wyoming SBDC Network, provided detailed and actionable information on how to use virtual learning communities.

The webinar was tailored to businessowners interested in using virtual learning to supplement their revenue or train employees.

The presentation briefly introduced the theoretical background that supports virtual learning communities.

From there, it explored the benefits and challenges of hosting a learning community before providing some practical tips on the tools required to create one.

Tasks Performed

Researched connectivist learning theory and post-place communities and their relevance to eLearning; researched the features and pricing of platforms including Slack and Microsoft Teams; designed the slide deck in PowerPoint; drafted engagement questions; created handouts; presented the webinar via GoToWebinar.


This webinar garnered 36 registrants and elicited thoughtful questions from attendees, indicating the material presented was relevant and engaging. One of the attendees later reached out through the SBDC to secure additional consulting on how to create a learning community.