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eLearning Course Proposal
Objectives  Remember Objective 1 Learners will identify the key editing features in Adobe Premier Rush.  Understand Objective 2 Learners will describe the steps in creating a video.  Apply Objective 3 Learners will use editing tools to edit video clips.  Analyze then Evaluate Objective 4 Learners will explain how transitions titles and voiceover can support the instructional goal of the video.  Create Objective 5 Learners will create a five to ten minute instructional video with original voiceover.

By Bridget Manley

Bridget Manley, lead instructional designer at Ascendant Design and Training, breaks down a proposal for creating an eLearning course that teaches yoga teachers how to record instructional videos in Adobe Premier Rush. This video, created for a master's level course in Instructional Design and Technology, shows how to think backward to design a course that meets targeted learner objectives.

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